Synergy with NRHM additionalities to enhance RCH II outcomes

  1 District to take care of staff beyond RCH II
  2 Appointment of contractual staff to increase coverage and thereby increasing access to health services
  3 Upgrading public health facilities to IPHS leading to improvement of quality of services
  4 Formation Rugni Kalyan Samiti (RKS) leading to local monitoring of delivery of health services leading to sustainability of various initiatives to strengthen the service delivery mechanism
  5 Makeover of PHIs by undertaking construction/ renovation leading to improvement of health services
  6 Provision of untied funds at PHC, RH, DH allowing local utilization for emergencies particularly for referral transport
  7 Supply of essential RCH drug kits leading to strengthening provision of EmOC and EmPC services
  8 Increasing inter-sectoral coordination would enhance the health system delivery, thereby improving health outcomes particularly of reproductive health    







RCH II is an integrated approach and needs convergence with various line departments to achieve the goal.  An inter-departmental coordination committee is established under the chairmanship of CEO,Z.P.Latur.  The committee include Dy.CEO,(Women And Child Development Dept.), Executive Engineer, (Public Works Department) and Education Officer  (Education department), Social Welfare Officer, Civil Surgeon & Programme Managers( TB, Leprosy, Malaria etc). The committee meets on 3 monthly basis to review issues related to convergence and plan- actions for non-health issues as well as joint actions along with the review of progress to achieve the RCH goals.

The recruitment of required contractual staff and consulting firms for outsourcing specific tasks is done through the executive committee of the District Integrated Health & Family Welfare Society, Z.P.Latur by following Govt. of India guidelines and state level procedures in force from time to time. 

A District Programme Management Unit (DPMU) is established to ensure smooth implementation of RCH II.  It is composed of District Programme Manager(DPM), District Accounts Manager(DAM),District Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (DM&EO) and IPHS Co-ordinator supported by Data Entry Operator, the staff of Infrastructure Development Wing (One Dy. Engineer, three Junior Engineers with one accountant & one Data Entry Operator) The DPMU works in close coordination with the District Integrated Health & Family Welfare Society, Z.P.Latur 

Key aspects of the RCH II M & E

District Program Management Unit.

Sr No Name of Staff Post/Designation Contact Number
1 Mr. Chavan N. P. DPM 9823847798
2 Abrar Mohsin DAM 9890946103
3 Kulkarni A.V. Dy.Er 9890533095
4 Mr.Randive M.P. DM&EO 9970787048
6 Mrs.Deshpande M. IPHS-Co-ordinator 9420033436
7 Mr.Dhamale R. DEO 9823045211
8 Mr.Sonwane O.S. DEO cum steno 982223712
9 Mr. Salunke Hemant Stat Asst 9422371708
10 Mr.Miraje L Acct. 992302629